Congressional Proposals

Since 2005 there have been dozens of great proposals in the United States Senate and House of Representatives. They have hearings that go to the Armed Services Committees that go to the Floor of the Senate or the House to DIE!!! Just to name a few:

  • 2004 Military Sexual Assault Crimes Revision Act
  • 2005 Military Sexual Assault Crimes Revision Act
  • 2009 Expressing the sense of the Congress regarding Sexual Assaults and Rape
    in the Military
  • 2010 Defense STRONG Act
  • 2011 Defense Sexual Trauma Response Oversight and Good Governance Act
  • 2011 Defense STRONG Act
  • 2011 Support for Survivors Act
  • 2012 Military Sexual Assault Prevention Act
  • 2013 Military Sexual assault Prevention act
  • 2013 Combating Military Sexual Assault Act
  • 2013 Survivors of Military Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse Act
  • 2013 Sexual Assault Training Oversight and Prevention Act
  • 2015 Military SAVE Act
  • 2016 Justice for Victims of Military Sexual Assault Act
  • 2017 Military SAVE Act
  • 2018 Military Sexual Assault Transparency and Accountability Act
  • 2019 Prevention of Sexual Assault in the Armed Forces Act
  • 2020 Military SAVE Act
  • 2021 H.R.7368 – Brandon Act PASSED
  • 2021 I Am Vanessa Guillén Act PASSED
  • 2023 H.R.1434 – Stop Our Sexual Assault in the Military Act PASSED
  • 2023 H.R.6676 – Expanding Military Sexual Assault Data Collection Act PASSED

The amount of Congressional Proposals, resources, and support tools out there today shows there are quite a few people that know there is a problem, but there has not yet been a concerted effort to do something.

Support Resources